Welcome to Havaiana’s documentation!

Havaiana is a dynamic web interface for Ojota (http://ojota.rtfd.org).

Havaiana is Free Software! you can check the code at http://github.com/felipelerena/havaiana

How to use it

Hello World

import ojota.examples.examples as pkg
from havaiana import Site

site = Site(pkg)

Custom rendering for a field

import food_data

from havaiana import Site

def ingredients_list(field, item, backwards):
    required = field in item.required_fields
    ingredients = getattr(item, field)
    items = []
    for element in ingredients:
        item = '<li><a href="/Ingredients/%s">%s</a></li>' % (element.primary_key,
    value = "<ul>%s</ul>" %  "".join(items)
    related = False

    return (field, value, required, related)
if __name__ == "__main__":
    renderers = [('Recipe', 'ingredients', ingredients_list)]
    site = Site(food_data, "My Food Database", renderers)


Adding a chart on a view

import food_data

from havaiana import Site
from havaiana.charts import LineChart

class RainChartView(LineChart):
    def __init__(self):
        LineChart.__init__(self, "Recipes uploaded to the site",
                           "uploads", 800, 400)

    def get_data(self, data):
        keys = []
        points = []
        for element in data:
            points.append({"value": int(element.number),
                           "xlink": "/Recipes uploaded by day/%s" % element.date})
        return keys, points

if __name__ == "__main__":
    renderers = [
        ('RecipesByDay', "__index_chart", RainChartView)

    site = Site(food_data, "My Food Database", renderers)



All the data sources in the package.


The items in the data source.


An item detail.


Edit an existing element.


Create new element.


A view with custom rendering.


You can sort the data.


Render charts with your data

sudo easy_install Havaiana

With pip

sudo pip install Havaiana

From source

git clone git@github.com:felipelerena/havaiana.git
sudo python setup.py install


  • flask
  • Ojota
  • wtforms
  • pygal

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